Preparing students for public speech: to have scientific and business presentations, to participate in interviews (tv, radio, debates, job talk). The subject aims both to provide theoretical knowledge and to put this into practice. The subject consists of three blocks that are centred around the content (i), the visual and technical display (ii) and the situations and skills (iii) required for public speech. The theoretical part includes rhetorics, verbal- and non-verbal communication, the role of the speaker, developing targeted messages (content, structure, form) and the related influencing techniques. Moreover, students are given an introduction into the adequate handling of questions within the framework of various genres of public speech. The practical part includes developing written, oral and presenting skills, efficient presenting techniques (PowerPoint, Prezi, flipchart). Verbal and non-verbal presenting skills are being developed through a wide array of exercises: speech writing, delivering a speech, delivering brief talks, simulations of a job talk, writing a cv and a cover letter. These might be used later in various domains from education to conferences, job interviews and business presentations.

Methodology of teaching

Written and oral communication.

Materials supporting learning

The slides and notes, as well as the current dates are always avaialble in moodle: