The main objective of the subject is to map the ethical problems related to artificial intelligence and automatization and to show the possible solutions to these problems. The students get a glimpse into the contemporary situation of AI in terms of technological preparedness and market penetration. The most important ethical frameworks are discussed. While the course addresses both topics in detail, it do not have pre-requisites as it was designed to be accessible for all students of a technical university. At the second part of the semester, the two main topics get synthethized with a particular view to the recent findings and proposals of the related international engineering organizations (IEEE, ACM, VDI, university centres). The problems are framed by using case studies (e.g., ethical concerns of autonomous cars, recommendation systems, ethical problems of browsers with AI, unemployment and AI, AI and issues of world security, rights of AI agents). The examples might change to represent the actual trending topics of the field.

Methodology of teaching

Lectures, optional individual or group exercises.

Materials supporting learning

The slides and notes, as well as the current dates are always avaialble in moodle: