In this course, students acquire the interdisciplinary theoretical foundations of business communication, and by analysing various case studies they receive practical and competitive knowledge of the functioning mechanisms of Public Relations. The course objective is to convey knowledge that helps students to overview the communication possibilities of a company, to handle it at the level of management, with respect to relations of media, consumers, business, or profession. A further goal is to enable students to form media messages, to handle crises, and to control conscious organizational communication with the public. The course offers insight into the management of inter-company communication, into the development of a company’s reputation through external communication, into strategic planning, and into processes of advertising and marketing. Practical class occasions aim to use interactive activities to improve creative, strategic, group thinking of students, and to apply the theories introduced in lectures in practice. A further objective of the course is that, by picking companies for business profile analysis, students can improve their critical skills, gain insight into the everyday activities, problems, and working mechanisms  of a company. During their research, students can lay the grounds for future diploma work.

Methodology of teaching

Written and oral communication.

Materials supporting learning

The slides and notes, as well as the current dates are always avaialble in moodle: