Eszter Héder-Nádasi

assistant professor

Eszter Nádasi is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and History of Science/ Department of Sociology and Communication at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE). Eszter has an M.A. in Communication and Media Studies (BUTE, 2013) and Gender Studies (Central European University, 2014). She also absolved her studies at the Doctoral School of Philosophy and History of Science (BUTE, 2016). During her PhD studies, she earned two fellowships with the Julius Rézler Foundation.

Her research interest includes Medical Humanities; Science and Technology Studies; Science Communication; Bioethics; Media, Gender, and Cultural Studies. Eszter started her career as a journalist in 2010, and since then she works for prestigious magazines.

Her teaching experience has covered the following courses: Content Development: from the News to the Investigative Reports; Content Development: Cultural Journalism, Communication Theories; Technology and Society; Social and Visual Communication; Social Communication; Sociology; Sociology of Culture, Golem- Case Studies from the History of Science and Technology.