Mihály Héder

habil. associate professor, head of department

Mihály Héder graduated as a Software Engineer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2009. He defended his PhD thesis on the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence in 2014. He teaches Research Methodology, Science and Technology Studies, Economics, and Philosophy of Technology at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He is deeply concerned about revealing the power of humanities for people with a STEM background.

Selected Publications from the Recent Years

  • PAKSI, Dániel, HÉDER, Mihály. Guide to Personal Knowledge: The philosophy of Michael Polanyi: tacit knowledge, emergence and the fiduciary program. Wilmington (DE), USA: Vernon Press (2022) , 233 p. ISBN: 9781648893131 WorldCat
  • HÉDER, Mihály. AARON. In: Frana, P L; Klein, M J (szerk.) Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence: The Past, Present, and Future of AI Santa Barbara (CA), Amerikai Egyesült Államok : ABC-CLIO (2021) p.1

  • HÉDER, Mihály. AI and the resurrection of Technological Determinism. INFORMÁCIÓS TÁRSADALOM (INFORMATION SOCIETY) 21/2 (2021)  DOI 

  • HÉDER, Mihály. A criticism of AI ethics guidelines. INFORMÁCIÓS TÁRSADALOM: (INFORMATION SOCIETY) 20/4. (2020)  DOI

  • HÉDER, Mihály. The epistemic opacity of autonomous systems and the ethical consequences. AI AND SOCIETY: THE JOURNAL OF HUMAN-CENTERED SYSTEMS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE 35 . 1 (2020) DOI

  • HÉDER, Mihály. A Contractarian Ethical Framework for Developing Autonomous Vehicles ERCIM NEWS : 118  (2019) WoS

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  • HÉDER, Mihály ; PAKSI, Dániel. Non-Human Knowledge According to Michael Polanyi. TRADITION AND DISCOVERY 44/1 (2018) DOI

  • HÉDER, Mihály. From NASA to EU: the evolution of the TRL scale in Public Sector Innovation. THE INNOVATION JOURNAL 22/2 (2017)  Scopus